Poultry, Rabbit, Livestock Supplies

Wetherell's stocks premium grain, hay, straw and shavings for homeowners including: Chick Starter; Grower/Finisher; Layer 16 Feed; Game Bird Pellets; Game Bird Crumbles; Coarse 14; Coarse 16; Rabbit Feed; Cracked Corn; Whole Corn; and Guinea Pig Feed.

Coops and Hutches

Keep your friends warm this winter! Wetherell's carries Mendon Woodcraft's Chicken Coops and Rabbit Hutches.


We also offer Pine Shavings, Straw Bales, Hay Bales, Wood Pellet Bedding.


You can find only the best Pine Shavings at Wetherell's. Hancock Lumber's Kiln Dried Pine Shavings are available in 3.25 cubic foot bales.

Wild Bird Food

Wetherell's has a complete WILD BIRD department to feed your feathered friends! We offer 50lb, 40lb, 20lb and 5lb bags of Wild Bird Seed! We also stock: meal worms, suet cakes, bird feeders, seed bells, hummingbird feeders and much more!